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Is Chapter 7

right for you?

Make a difference with your debt

When you're considering bankruptcy, Chapter 7 filings can be an ideal solution. With the ability to remove most unsecured debts, like medical bills and credit card debt, and a duration of several months, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can create a way out of a bad financial situation.


Chapter 7 is available to those whose income is less than state median, or those who can pass the means test. Our team will help you understand which form of bankruptcy is right for you.

See what bankruptcy can do for you

  • Eliminates certain types of unsecured debts

  • Stop repossession actions, garnishments and liens

  • Stop foreclosure through an automatic stay

Say goodbye to:

  • Garnishment

  • Judgment liens

  • Repossession

Don't qualify for Chapter 7?

If Chapter 7 isn't the right choice, Chapter 13 may be a better fit. With our help, the professionals at Lisa M Mcbride can help you fully comprehend your unique options.

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