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and clear your financial slate

Are you at risk for losing your home?

A financial problem can seem small but grow faster and faster, building momentum until you find yourself with nowhere to turn and everything to lose. When it looks as though everything is at stake, including your home, you may feel as though you have nowhere to turn.


Instead of letting the bank foreclose on your home, let Lisa M Mcbride help! With the right bankruptcy support, you can ensure your home stays in good hands - yours!

Bankruptcy doesn't mean foreclosure

Just because your financial situation is faltering doesn't mean you have to lose your home. In fact, in most forms of bankruptcy filings, you can keep your home and other valuable assets!

Save your home

A seasoned bankruptcy attorney like Lisa M Mcbride can stop foreclosure up to the moment of a foreclosure sale!

Explore your options

When you want to keep your house, we will work aggressively with you in order to assist you. Whether you meet the requirements for Chapter 7 or you are only eligible for Chapter 13, we have the resources to assist you.

Keep your house

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